Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Making is Connecting by David Gauntlett

I'm currently reading Making is Connecting by David Gauntlett as recommended by Barley Massey and just itching to join in the debate - a bit late to the table - but better late than never eh?

Fabulous as twitter is, I don't think I can fit everything into a tweet, and facebook keeps changing things about, so frankly I don't feel any shame in saying I never quite know where I'm up to on there...

So I'm proposing to plonk my thoughts and opinions here on the K&F blog - a kind of comment-as-I-go whilst-still-reading-it.  Thinking of it as a digital version of scribbling in the margins and sticking in post-its so I can revisit bits at a later date. I have no idea where David is headed with his thinking, since I'm just at the start, but I'm enjoying the journey so far and imagine by the end I will be in the full picture. 

So my posts will probably entail contradicting myself, some agreeing/disagreeing, wiffling about art/crafting and commenting on the politics/ideologies David mentions that I find so baffling... General 'popping my head above the parapet', so to speak, since I'm in both the art and crafting camps and utilise/love any digital aspect in connection with both. 

I'm trying to read it slowly so I can digest it properly - rather than eat the whole thing in one go and then have indigestion... And my brain is possibly a bit out of shape on the mental gymnastics debating front, so it might take some time to limber up. 

Although I still hang on to my art school compulsory copy of 'Art in Theory' (last opened circa 2002) just in case I'm ever required to be theoretical or write an essay at short notice... It also comes in handy as good door (or sash window) prop opener, so it's been very much worth the dolla. 

All very serious stuff.  Must be time for a cuppa then...

Follow the links find out more info about the book,  David Gauntlett and Fabrications

Friday, 20 December 2013

Sew Mama Sew!

Our Modern Applique tea towel tutorial was featured on Sew Mama Sew the other day, selected by Allegory from A Thousand Needles - thanks Al !

The original tutorial can be found over on Anne's blog: The Daily Stitch - thank you Annie for hosting us!

What a nice ending to the year eh?  Our 2013 has been a productive one overall - how's yours been? 

This end, it's probably fair to say that there's been quite a bit going on at Shed HQ that has yet to be let loose into the wider world... 

...'goings on' translates into scribbling by moi, but that's possibly only because I'm the only team member with opposable thumbs (though cats do paint... and dance y'know... see hard evidence for those bold claims here). 

Kip & Fig have both been sooper dooper busy with lots of running round the estate - by that we mean our lil corner of Bow, East London (not a Downton-style country pad lols).  Their travels have been epic - rounding up ideas for scribbling along with bits of leaves/half the garden...

Amazing what can be dragged in through the catflap and what can hitch a ride on a tail - the latest was a ladybird, although we've also had a few slugs...  lovely!

Hopefully 2014 will see all our current work-in-progress come to fruition.  We'll share progress here on the blog, but we'd also like to know what your crafty plans for 2014 are, so keep in touch!

In the meantime wishing you a very crafty Christmas and New Year.